Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nopaltilla and its cactus tortilla scored another hit at another California's Southland Farmers' Market.

The Healthy Green Cactus Tortilla has been well received at another Farmers' Market in California's Southland Region. Chatsworth/PotterRanch Farmers' Market shoppers had the opportunity to sample and see why everyone is talking about Nopaltilla Tortilla de Nopal. Shoppers were amazed at the novelty of a cactus tortilla. This tortilla is not only low in calories but is also a good source of calcium and a good source of dietary fiber besides being an all natural product with no additives nor preservatives. It is no wonder why Nopaltilla Tortilla de Nopal is The Original #1 Selling Cactus Tortilla in the United States. Another Farmer's Market where Nopaltilla will be offered will be announce Monday. Come and check where Nopaltilla will be next. It could be your Farmers' Market or one near you. Once again if you are the person in charge of a Farmers' Market in California's Southland you may contact Espie Miranda at (310) 925 - 4894 to make arrangements to have Nopaltilla's Cactus Tortilla at your Farmers' Market next. You may also call Nopaltilla directly and leave me a message at (877)mi-nopal.

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