Thursday, June 4, 2009

Introducing our newest product, cactus wraps

The Healthy Green Cactus Wrap.
Let me introduce you to our new product. Today we made our first cactus wraps.
This morning a had my breakfast in a cactus wrap. It was fantastic. Nopaltilla's cactus wrap has the same nutritional benefits as the cactus tortilla but because it is bigger you will get more nopal per wrap than in the regular tortilla. Now I can be more creative at meal time and still have a decent amount of dietary fiber in my meal.

Since it is just off the oven, we still need to send it to the food lab to have it nutritionally analyzed. I will have the nutritional facts about our wraps as soon as the lab gives them to me. Meanwhile I will be working on the packaging so that you may enjoy them soon.

I added an image comparing the wraps with a regular 6 inch tortilla. The smallest one is the regular 6" tortilla. Next to it, you see both an 8 inch wrap and a 10 inch wrap. For my breakfast, I used the 10" wrap. The wrap is very convenient because I can use it to roll my meal within it which gives me control of the portion size of my meal.
Let your imagination go wild. What can you do with the 8" or 10" wraps? I know what I am having for dinner tonight. I will cook some chicken fajitas with plenty of vegetables along with a broiled fresh nopal and I will create chicken fajitas wraps. I will have two fajita wraps in the 8" size cactus wrap for dinner with a glass of some fine wine.

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